Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Grade, Already?

Note to self: The number one way to see words appear on your blog is to make sure your seat is in the chair and your fingers are on the keyboard. The rest is just karma.

Today was the last day before my last child goes to all day school (with tears welling up). Oh suck it up you big baby, you say. Well, bite me, I say to you. Who will I lay in bed and watch cartoons with? Who will I use as an excuse as to why I cannot get a thing done around the house? Who will do the grocery shopping with me, for God's sake? I mean for Gosh sake. I think I might go make some mashed potatoes and milk gravy. Or maybe sneak out to get some Ben and Jerry's. Or maybe my all time very bestest pity party food-raw chocolate chip cookie dough, wrapped in plastic wrap, hidden in the back of the freezer and sawed off with a knife when no one is around. Please let me have some pecans in the pantry.

Today was the last day for our baby-sitter who has been coming for 6 years, since the little first grader was 9 months old. We won't need her any more since the little one will be in all day school. We found her on a whim, and she was an absolute treasure to us. She taught my sweet daughter so many wonderful things. How to sew, her letters, helped her learn to read, how to be crafty and how to walk around the neighborhood exploring. In an age where no one hardly even knows their neighbors, half the people in our subdivision say hi to my daughter when we are walking. Everyone knows the little girl who walks around the subdivision, with her babysitter, stopping whenever there is anything interesting even if it is up in people's front yards or on their porch. They know no boundaries. They have become very good friends with the lady down the street because they stopped and sat on a bench in her front yard everyday. Now she plays games with them and offers them green tea in bottles. Good-bye to our wonderful friend. Hopefully she will remain in our life.

On a less dramatic note, I signed up to be in the mother's club at the elementary school. Please be aware that this is at great personal sacrifice for me. I am not a joiner. I hate crowds. I look like a grandma compared to the other moms. I am trying to turn over a new leaf for little sweetie pie's sake. She said "Mama can't you come work in the library like so and so's mom?"
Let's hope it works out.

Coming soon..... I am going to try and post a picture. ( I am comforted by the fact that no one reads this)

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