Monday, August 18, 2008

And True Love is Born

It was an unconventional place, for a love affair to begin. A strip mall, with people going in and out of doors, shoes and beauty supplies being bought and sold, and yet, love was in the air that cool Sunday morning. We certainly didn't expect to find love, we'd gone to the strip mall to buy hamster food. We were in a hurry as usual, rushing in and rushing out. I was with my six year old daughter.

Is six too young to find true love? She doesn't think so. Should I have stopped her? Maybe. Some would say yes, her father is one of them, but I say, "Who am I to stand in the way of love?"

Love is a funny thing. It only takes a second, two sets of eyes meet and in that instant, universes are born, bonds are fused, and ultimately, lives are changed. This is what happened to my smallest daughter. In that instant, when their big brown eyes met, she gave her heart. I can't say if it is right or wrong, only that it was meant to be.

This is her and her new love. Her name is Dooma. Dooma? What does that mean? We're going to change her name. The small girl wants Emily or Brittany, I picked Jasmine, her dad suggested Girl. Her older sister had a good one, but I told her only hoosiers name their dogs Stupid. She was only kidding.

What does the reigning dog say about this?

"What? Who? Where am I?" Poor old Buster-man.

Who could resist this little cutie?

We'll keep you posted.

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Terry Ratcliff said...

I am so happy for Faith that she got a new dog!! Having a dog in a child's life is such a wonderful thing. This week, we had to put our wonderful dog of 13 years to sleep. Missy was such a part of our family and we miss her presence every day. Who will eat the meat that fell from the grill? Who will chase the squirrels and rabbits from my garden? Who will race me when I do my laps in the swimming pool. It has been suggested that I get another dog, but since Alex will be going away to college in a few years (talks about a mother crying!) we don't want to take on the responsibility of another dog right now. Tell Faith to give her dog a hug and big sloppy kiss for me in remembrance of Missy! Hope to see you Saturday