Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amanda's Baking Final

This post is LONG overdue. It's all the butt to the chair thing. Click on the photos to see them enlarged.
My wonderful daughter will soon be 20 years old. Who can believe it? Little Panda Bear 20 years old! On the day she was born, Nana said "This child will be the joy of our life." And she has been. She was the perfect baby. I mean it. Perfect! She rarely cried and was always content.

And now she has grown into a lovely young woman. She has an awesome spirit and a compassionate caring soul. She "feels" things and that guides her choices in life. She is concerned about animal abuses and the environment. She has spent many years volunteering for causes she believes in including Girl Scouts. She works as a unit secretary in the intensive care unit of the same hospital I work for.

Now she is studying to be a pastry chef. She is attending the very prestigious culinary school at Forest Park which is a community college but is very prestigious nonetheless. She studies under Chef Casey Shiller in baking and pastry arts. This is like a dream come true for me. My own child a baker, a purveyor of all things pastry. My own personal pastry chef (I'm not sure she agrees with this title). Oh happy day.

Recently they had their baking final. Well it was a while ago but I am just now getting around to posting. I am sorry darling pastry chef daughter.

I believe it was an awesome experience for her. Their final was to design, bake, transport, display and serve a wedding cake. How cool. They held a small tea type gathering for the public for the display, serving portion of the event. To make it even more exciting, a local t.v. station picked up the story and turned it into a human interest segment. The segment had to do with how difficult it was to transport the cakes and they sent Tim Ezell, a funny local reporter to observe whether all the cakes made it safely. Transporting was part of their grade and if the cake fell, they failed! Horrors!!! But luckily all the cakes made it safe and sound. The cake tea service thingie was wonderful. All the cakes were delicious. Amanda's was, of course, the most beautiful of all and tasted the best.

They have now moved on to ice cream and ice cream cakes. They will be holding another event to showcase their latest yummy delights next Wednesday. I can't wait.