Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doggie update

This is a doggie update.

Her name is now Ella. She likes her new name.

Ella is a rescue dog. I wish someone would rescue me.

The fact is we were told some untruths. I don't want to call anyone a liar, but the rescue lady is, well... a liar. When we got Ella, the rescue lady, God bless her, said that Ella was very quiet and docile. The truth is that Ella makes Taz look like he's taking Valium. The rescue lady said she was house trained. The truth is that she is somewhat house trained. As long as you take her out every 2 hours. The lady said she was 2 years old. The truth is we don't have her birth certificate but she acts much younger. The lady said she wouldn't chew on anything. The truth is she won't chew on anything that is higher than 6 feet off the ground. She has a vertical leap higher than Shaq (relatively speaking, that is.) The nice lady said she was in perfect health. The truth is, she's in perfect health except for the fleas and the little cough that she is going to the vet tomorrow for. (She has had her vaccinations, or at least they made a copy of some dogs vaccination schedule and gave it to us.)

The small daughter is thrilled with her. Couldn't be happier. I tried to talk her into taking Ella back to the nice lady and getting a dog that actually listened and didn't pee on the floor, but she is in LOVE and looked at me as if I was suggesting she forsake her family.

Here is Ella getting a flea bath.

Here are the girls and Ella making her a new I.D. tag.

Note the cool pink harness. We decided that would be a good idea after she backed out of her collar three or four times.

This, see this, this is the reason Ella won't be going back to the nice lady with the lying tendencies.

Or maybe it's this. This quite possibly is the reason I have flea bites on my legs.

or perhaps this

Thank God for this

Gotta run, 2 hours are up.

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PSThomure said...

Hey Timmie,
Your new addition is very sweet. Does Faith get to help take care of the dog? Food, water, oops - it has been longer than 2 hours?
We are down to just one animal now. It is Colin's rescue dog. We think he is a cha-weenie. He's been with us a few years now.

About the child leaving home (again)... I feel your pain. Even though they can be imposible, and you know it is time for them to go (perm. or temp.), it is always painful. You have years to go with Faith. Count your blessings and enjoy the Mother's Club, Brownies, etc. One day you will be like me .. 3 gone and 2 with 9 toes out the door.
I love you. Please call or write if you need to talk -- ice cream won't do it (I tried).
God Bless!
Aunt Pam