Friday, June 20, 2008

This is Girls Night

It was on June 17th 26 years ago that the seeds of the "Girls" were sewn. Tonight, we had "Girls" night at Maggie's House in St. Genevieve Missouri. Maggies Sister and her husband came over and it was revealed that the first time Barb and Terry met Mary Kay was at Maggie's Sisters Husband's Bachelor Party on June 17th, 1982. It was then and is still a small world. Mary Kay spent the night on Barb and Terry's couch that night and have been friends every since. This blog belongs to Timmie who was friends with Mary Kay then and shares the same birthday.

This first post is being written by Terry who probably has had too much to drink right now and probably isn't making much sense. I'm also not a very good writer. I will turn this over to Timmie who is a much better writer, and who will hopefully (or not) write her blog when she is sober.

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theornamentguy said...

AAAGH I hate setting up new accounts! I am already too stressed about the Monday 6/30 audit at 6 friggin AM!