Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 3456 of my captivity: Hi, welcome to my blog. I thought that would be a catchy way to start. I am so excited to have a blog. I have been thinking about starting a blog. I have been talking endlessly about having a blog and finally....I have a blog. Ok, that is way to much pressure. Now that I have a blog, I have stage fright. Well, I guess I can take comfort in the fact that no one will actually read this blog unless I send it to my friends and family. That makes it a little easier.

Well, here goes. Hi friends and family. Saturday was our anniversary (11 years) and we went out to dinner to Shogun (a Japanese steakhouse) and had steak and shrimp. Yummy, it was great. The only bad thing was the table we were at was with two other couples who both had babies in high chairs who were being fed from baby food jars throughout the entire dinner. It was kind of a boring table. Having been there before at a bachelorette party, I knew the waiter would offer to squirt Saki, a rice alcohol thingie into peoples mouths from a large squirt bottle, but our table was boring and when the waiter offered Saki to the males they all said "No thanks". I was like, hey I want Saki, but then thought I would look like a cheap girl so I kept quiet and did not get to enjoy the excitement of guzzling Saki from a squirt bottle. In retrospect it is probably for the best. We then went to see Get Smart at the cinema, which was very funny and quite entertaining. I used to watch the original series when I was young and enjoyed it a lot.

I hope my friends who were having girls weekend in Ste. Gen were having lots of fun. They were probably drinking Saki from a squirt bottle or at least wine from a paper bag.

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